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We produce value-added research often taking a contrarian view.  This could for example, mean that while most of the current research is neutral, we would take a firm stand one-way or the other.   From a value perspective, we attempt to bring to investors, an analytical view that the Street has missed.   We provide forward-looking survey information that may look at competitors or suppliers activities.  We have expert level statisticians who can identify relationships within or between companies, which no one realized existed.  Our analysts have extensive sell-side experience.  For subscription information click on Subscriptions.

For corporations with a market cap below $250 million
We provide balanced bespoke research. If you are an executive of a micro-cap company, you know that you can get research by executing a banking transaction, paying to attend a conference, paying for corporate access, or you can pay for Zach’s or similar to produce a tear-sheet.   As a rule, there is virtually no micro-cap research that isn’t paid for anymore.  The problem is commissions – there are not enough of them.  On average, a full year of trading commissions for companies under $300 million in market cap and with three or fewer analysts would net fewer than $175,000.  Since no firm can capture all of the commissions and because an analyst’s take of that might be 10%, there is no way to justify coverage unless another transaction takes place.  Our research product is a reasonable and justifiable way to gain currency in the market.  For more information contact:

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